Ring Resizing

Professional ring resizing in London.

Resizing an 18k gold or platinum ring is standard procedure and it’s very rare that we can’t get perfect results.  They are usually resized using the laser welder to make a seamless join.

Where ring resizing can get complicated is when it is to go up or down a very long way and when there are many stones set in the ring.  Even so,  this usually does not mean it’s impossible, despite perhaps what you’ve been told. Quite often it’s just a matter of tightening or resetting stones that have become loose, or in some way spending more time to get it done right.

Ring Resizing FAQs

Will I see the joins/seams where the ring was cut?

If the ring is 18k gold or platinum, then you will absolutely not see the seam. It would be done seamlessly using the latest laser welding technology. It would be as if it has not been touched.  Traditional methods using the torch are still very good, but often do leave a slightly visible seam, so we can usually avoid this. On a silver ring, the laser is not an option, so this is usually the only time when a seam will show slightly if you look carefully. 

How long will it take?

It depends on how long the queue of work we have is. We offer a rush and priority service as well for an extra charge, either completing your ring resizing in approximately 1 hour which costs double, or a 5 day service which costs 1.5x the listed price.

I was told that my ring cannot be sized. Can you do it?

We’ve heard that a million times. Someone told you that the stones will fall out, that it will damage the diamonds, that platinum cannot be done without removing stones, or that it can only be resized by a size or two. By far the most common ring in this situation is an engagement ring with diamonds down the side. People are told by salespeople that it cannot be sized more than a size or two or the stones will fall out. This is true – however, it does not mean at all that we cannot resize your ring. It simply means we will charge you a bit extra to tighten or reset the stones. The best thing to do is to send us a picture of your ring and we’d be happy to tell you if we can resize it. On the home page there is a “quick quote” form you can fill in and attached a picture. Otherwise you can email it to jewelleryrepairworkshop@gmail.com

Despite our vast experience of jewellery repairs and alterations, still there are some things we just cannot do. Common rings that we cannot resize are rings that are alternative metals (anything that is not gold silver or platinum). As much as we’d like to help,   we are only set up to work on precious metals.

Another ring that is difficult to resize is a ring with an oversized top and it needs to go up or down a very long way. If the top cannot be touched at all (for example a signet ring with an onyx top) then we can really only size this ring a little bit, and if we do,  it will not be perfectly round. 

If you’re unsure, just send us a picture of your ring and we’ll tell you if we can work on it.

Is it done in your workshop or do you send it out?

Good question. We do all our ring resizing in house. If it’s white gold, the only time it leaves our workshop is to have it rhodium plated just down the road and we collect it back from them the next day (or same if paying for a same day service).

Can it be done while I wait?

Yes.  You’d be using our rush service which means that we will drop what we are doing and do your ring resize.  Cost for this is double the listed price.  We also have a priority service for x1.5 the listed price, completing your sizing in 5 business days.

How much will it cost?

It depends on many things: up or down, how many sizes, if stones will need tightening, what metal it is, to name a few. 90% of the time cost ends up being between £72 and £120.   To see our price list click HERE.  Please remember to add a polish to the cost,  and a rhodium plating (£30) if it’s white gold.

From Our Customers

This place is an absolute gem (pun intended). I discovered them wanting a necklace soldering and instead they offered me micro welding! I was so pleased that I have since taken them work repaired elsewhere to be repaired properly, and each time it has been better than I could have hoped for. Thanks to Ryan and the team for their expertise and professionalism. A very unique company. I'm very glad to have found them.

el pezos Avatar el pezos

I can not tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with my ring. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted and I explained it to Ryan.I hoped he would be able to interpret what I wanted. This was my engagement ring so you can imagine how important this was to me.I could not believe that Ryan not only did exactly what I wanted, but it was even better than I could ever of hoped for. The craftsmanship and the beautiful detail was outstanding. I get so many positive comments and people asking where I bought it from or who made it. Thank you Ryan for all your hard work And giving me the most beautiful engagement ring. I will be asking you to do my wedding ring without hesitation. Stephanie Forsbrook

stephanie Forsbrook Avatar stephanie Forsbrook

Utterly fantastic from start to finish. Extremely helpful in giving an estimate of costs from photos on email then a prompt appointment to view and confirm the quote in London. Managed to squeeze the work in pre Xmas and I can honestly say the quality of the rings when I collected them were as if they were brand new. Stunning workmanship, beautifully cleaned and even found 2 ring boxes in readiness for surprising my wife. Such lovely people, thank you so much for your help and great work.

marc went Avatar marc went