Diamond Replacement

We can replace your diamond and make your ring like new.

Losing a stone from your ring can be extremely upsetting. However usually it can be repaired back to ‘as new’ condition.

If you’ve lost a diamond from your ring, it’s usually because the claws have worn thin and then eventually the stone falls out. We can repair the setting usually by re-tipping the claws, supplying a new diamond if you need one and setting it into your ring. The claws can be rebuilt seamlessly using the laser welder, so actually your ring can be brought back to the way it was when it was new!

When one stone comes out of a ring from normal wear and tear, it usually means that the other claws on the ring need work as well. We will check over the whole ring and quote any work needed to secure all the stones.

Diamond Replacement FAQs

How much will it cost?

It depends on many things. Mostly on how many claws need retipping and the size and quality of the stones that need replacing. You can check our prices here. “Link”    Note that you need to have a “stone set” which usually costs from £28, claws cost roughly £15-22 each to retip, and a white gold piece would need a polish and rhodium for £35. 

The other thing you’ll need to check is the cost of your stone. Up to a 3.5mm diamond we have prices listed on HERE in the “diamond prices” section.  For stones over 3.5mm,  please see our other website www.bespokegoldsmith.co.uk where you’ll find a vast availability of GIA certified stones.

How long will it take?

It depends on how long the queue of work is and how big of a task your ring is. Usually the queue is approx 6-8 weeks for something like this.  We have a rush and priority service if you need it done in a hurry. Rush costs double but we will drop what we are doing and work on your piece until it is done. Usually completing your ring in a couple hours. The priority service costs x1.5 the listed price and is completed in 10 business days.

Is it secure?

Yes,  it is. In fact we offer a 1 year guarantee on all our work unless otherwise stated.  So if the stone we worked on was not secure or falls out within a year,  bring it and the stone in to us and we will do the work again for free.  Typically we would expect a stone with newly tipped claws to last approx 10 years.  

Is it done in your workshop or do you send it out?

 Good question. We do 95% of all our work in our own 4 walls.  Usually the only time it leaves the workshop is if it’s white gold and we have to have it rhodium plated just down the road. We collect it the same day from them to go back into our vault.  

From Our Customers

Absolute legend who helped us out of a tight spot! I proposed to my girlfriend just before the new year but the ring I had bought in advance was several sizes too large and needed to be resized before my fiancé flew back to the US just after new years day. So after searching fruitlessly for a couple of days for places that could do a same day resizing we managed to find out about the Jewellery Repair Workshop and Simon came into work on his day off specifically to help us! Amazing guy 👍 The work was completely finished in an hour, I couldn't believe how fast it was and the quality was perfect, no visible trace that the ring had been touched. I couldn't have asked for better, thank you guys so much!

Christopher Browne Avatar Christopher Browne

I have recently had two rings repaired by the Jewellery Repair Workshop, as well as some earrings altered and a new stone fitted into an existing pendant setting. At every stage, they have been a pleasure to deal with. Email communication throughout was prompt, the work was beautifully done, the pieces were ready on time and Ryan was friendly and professional throughout. It is a little nerve-wracking handing over much-loved pieces (in my case, my engagement ring which I had worn just about every day for the previous 26 years) but I needn't have worried. Highly recommended.

Julia Banks Avatar Julia Banks

Ryan was the designer and creator of my engagement ring, the most beautiful and special gift I have ever received. It is ethically made, and receives lots of compliments! He also worked with me and my now husband to find the perfect wedding rings. His care and attention to detail was unparalleled, we are both so grateful. Highly recommend Jewellery Repair Workshop.

Georgia Smith Avatar Georgia Smith