How long will it take?

We will aim to have your piece back to you within three to four weeks, but turnaround time is largely dependant on the nature of your repair and how much work it will be. Sometimes sourcing materials for your repair can take time. If it’s very simple, it can be quite quick. We also offer an emergency ‘rush’ service, where we drop what we are currently working on and prioritise yours, usually finishing it within the next working day. This is double the original repair price and subject to availability and confirmation at the time of request.

Can I have my piece rushed?
Yes.  We will drop what we’re doing and prioritise your repair, usually completing it within the next business day and is subject to availability at the time of request.  The cost is double your original cost.
Do you repair costume jewellery?
In short,  no. Costume jewellery often cannot be repaired because it is usually made with materials that goldsmiths cannot work with.  Sometimes it can be repaired but it will be the same price, if not more expensive, than repairs for fine jewellery due to the fact that we’re not equiped to repair the pieces. We primarily repair with a torch or laser welder and we cannot use either of these on costume jewellery.  You can bring it in or send us a pic, but please brace for dissapointment if it’s not made of gold, silver or platinum.
How much does a prepaid envelope cost?
Ten pounds, which is payable upon completion of your order.  We add this charge to your bill when we post it to you.
Will you be able to post my jewellery to another address?
No, sorry.  For obvious security reasons, we will post the jewellery back to the address it came from, which will be the one you leave with us initially.
How do I know how much my jewellery is worth?
To know for sure you’d need a receipt of purchase or better yet, a valuation. We do offer a valuation service, which costs £95.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to bring your jewellery to us in person. Should the worst happen and RoyalMail misplace it, they will want some sort of evidence of it’s details.

From Our Customers

    5 star review  WOW! A total gem of a find! Ryan and all the team are absolutely fantastic! Very professional, highly skilled with excellent customer service and a friendly approach. They fixed a pair of earrings to an immaculate standard and adjusted a couple of items so I can wear them properly; the cost was very reasonable and I would thoroughly recommend them to anybody, and will definitely be going back again!

    thumb Jennifer Withers

    5 star review  Very professional and friendly

    thumb Khadim Diop

    5 star review  I needed to repair an earring and Simon was the only person to reply. I went to his amazing workshop where he quickly looked at and repaired the earring without fuss. All in all it took just 5 minutes to fix. Without a doubt Simon is the go-to jewellery repairer in London.

    thumb Vincenzo Marchese Ragona